Best Time to Visit Sri Lanka


For such a small island, the weather in Sri Lanka can be forever changing although the temperatures are normally pretty constant. Not uncommon for a country situated in the tropics. Whilst the monsoons thrash at the East Coast, you can expect sunny days and perfect swells on the west coast. As the Hill Country cools and humidity fades, the north prepares for sweltering heat. And all the while the arid peninsula of Kalpitiya stays rather calm, pleasant and dry all year round. You really do have it all in Sri Lanka and the blessing in this is that it makes it a year round destination.

Where to go when…

Kalpitiya: whilst we are biased, this really is a year round place to be! Our little peninsula has it’s own microclimate so we often escape the heavy rains of the monsoon season and instead get some powerful winds. Great for kitesurfing! The kiting Winter season runs from mid-December to mid-March. The nights are cool and there is very little rain, if any. The winds can blow up to around 25 knots. The best beach season here is March to April. With pancake flat waters, this is the perfect time for scuba diving, paddle boarding and dolphin/whale watching. Although it can get pretty hot and humid. The rains generally come in April and then in November/December although every year it changes. The kiting Summer season runs from mid-May to mid-October.

East Coast: if surfing is your thing, the best time to visit the likes of Arugam Bay is from April/May to September/October.

South & West Coast: mainly dictated by the surfing community, the best time to visit here is November to May. The popular beach resorts can get very busy during the Christmas period. If you are a general tourist looking for the best weather, December - March is your best bet. April gets a bit toasty!

Hill Country: if you are combining your trip with a visit to the West and South also, then December - March is the best time to visit.


It all depends on where you want to go and what you want to do but if you are looking for an active holiday to Sri Lanka combining kitesurfing, fitness, hiking and surfing then I’d recommend sticking to the West, South and Hill Country between the months of December - March.

Or just come to Kalpitiya anytime! :)