Beaches, Brunch,
& Burpees

See you on the beach…


Welcome to The BNKR Life

The BNKR is not just a gym and café but rather a lifestyle. It’s a way of life. It’s the choice to embrace getting back to nature, to live clean and tap into your inner wild.

You don’t have to be a CrossFitter. You don’t need to know your dumbbell from your kettlebell. You just need a willingness to leave your ego at the door, go in hard, have fun and embrace the challenges we set you (or just have a hungry belly!)

Come get sandy with us in our little slice of rustic paradise.


Find us

Dutch Bay Road, Kandakuliya
Sri Lanka


Monday - 07:00-19:30
Tuesday - 07:00-19:30
Wednesday - 07:00-19:30
Thursday - 07:00-19:30
Friday - 07:00-19:30
Saturday - 07:00-19:30
Sunday - 07:00-19:30