Beaches, Brunch,
& Burpees

See you on the beach…


Welcome to The BNKR Life

The BNKR is not just a CrossFit box, gym and café but rather a lifestyle. It’s a way of life. It’s the choice to embrace getting back to your natural form, to live clean and tap into your inner wild.

You don’t have to be a CrossFitter. You don’t need to know your dumbbell from your kettlebell. You just need a willingness to leave your ego at the door, go in hard, have fun and embrace the challenges we set you (or just have a hungry belly!)

Choose from: CrossFit | Calisthenics | Mobility | Primal Fitness | Barbell & Kettlebell Club

Come get sandy with us in our little slice of rustic paradise.


Find us

We are situated on the beach in front of Kitesurfing Lanka. You can access us via the beach or off the main road. Follow the road sign and through the gate to the left. See you on the beach!

Dutch Bay Road, Kandakuliya
Sri Lanka

+94 (0) 775 738 473

Cafe Hours:
Monday - 09:00-19:30
Tuesday - 09:00-19:30
Wednesday - 09:00-19:30
Thursday - 09:00-19:30
Friday - 09:00-19:30
Saturday - 09:00-19:30
Sunday - 09:00-19:30

Gym Hours:
Monday - 08:00-20:00
Tuesday - 08:00-20:00
Wednesday - 08:00-20:00
Thursday - 08:00-20:00
Friday - 08:00-20:00
Saturday - 08:00-20:00
Sunday - 08:00-20:00

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