Personal Training in Sri Lanka

Whilst group training has plenty of perks, the one-to-one benefits of personal training are unparalleled for achieving great results for your specific fitness goals. Partner this with our private nutrition consultations and you’ll be well on your way to a happier, healthier you. Plus continue on your fitness path with our trainers once you’re home or traveling abroad with our online personal training options.

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Why should you use a personal trainer whilst on holiday?

We all lead busy lives trying to balance family, work and social lives, with our health often neglected as a result. The BNKR is a destination to reconnect you with your fitness goals and we can help do this with a personalised programme. Just taking an hour or two a day out of your holiday time, you will feel rejuvenated and inspired to continue this fitness journey when you return home.

 Fitness is not a short term thing, but instead a lifestyle choice and way of life; a philosophy our trainers live and breathe by. Whether you’ve let your fitness slide or perhaps your fitness has plateaued into a stagnant routine or you are recovering from injury, our qualified and passionate trainers are dedicated to setting clients on the right path for a future of great fitness and health whilst customising a programme suitable for each individual’s needs and goals.


Why is The BNKR approach to personal training unique?

We are not your typical commercial gym. You won’t see a running machine or elliptical in sight. Instead we pride ourselves on being able to offer varied modalities with a particular focus on Primitive Fitness and functional movements, using our natural environment and own bodies as much as possible.

Whether you are a keen CrossFitter, afraid of building muscle but want to get lean, have a niggling injury or perhaps want to keep sessions interesting by combining a variety of techniques,  our personal trainers’ passion, qualifications and experience gained over decades will help guide you on your fitness journey in the most enjoyable and sustainable way possible.

Fitness Accessible to Everyone

 You do not have to be a certain level of fitness to take part in our gym classes but if you wanted to gain some confidence before joining, improve certain skills or perhaps wanted to focus on particular goals outside the class, our trainers can provide you with the tools to do so. Whilst we have the facilities to cater for athletes to reach their full potential, The BNKR is also designed for the everyday person looking to achieve their fitness goals, whatever they may be.


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