Primal Fitness

Time to move away from muscle-isolating exercises performed in the gym. Get ready to release your inner beast during one of our most fun group workouts at The BNKR.

 We have lost our sense of being human as a consequence of living in a modern, technologically advanced world. Come join our Primal Fitness classes and rediscover the most important elements of health and fitness: interaction with others and with nature, and having fun whilst doing it!

Get back to nature. Go wild. Play. Be a better human.


Each day we focus on something different, bringing it all together on a Saturday in an hour of circuits. Using mainly the environment around us and what we call “primitive fitness”, relearn how to move the way humans are meant to. Run barefoot, swim, crawl, squat, climb, jump, leap, throw and drag objects.  Develop your Power, Strength, Speed & Endurance whilst helping to build cardio conditioning and coordination through game play and team or partner work.


Monday: Power

Develop your explosive capacity!

Monday’s are all about the Power! In scientific terms, power is force x distance / time. So we will work in timed rounds exerting force either using body weight or with a variety of objects across varying distances to develop explosive power. It’s important to start with light weights and slow controlled movements, working your way up over time to prevent injury. To keep things fun, we vary up the tasks between throwing, sprinting, jumping, smashing, thrusting, swinging and dragging. Quality of movement is key when developing power and so each set will be short but performed at maximum intensity split in between short rests.

Tuesday: Strength

Time to pump those muscles!

Tuesdays are all about resistance, helping to build up strength, anaerobic endurance and getting those bigger muscles. Working in partners or teams, this is a focus on max reps of the squat, the press, the pull, crunches, carrying awkward, heavy weights and the deadlift, with resistance bands, just bodyweight and/or objects and equipment. Don’t be intimated though, each set can be scaled so you can work at your maximum intensity safely and still with a smile on your (sweaty) face.



Wednesday: Speed

Build up your muscle fibres!

Wednesdays are for speed training and helping to develop good technique, agility and quickness. This is not a running class and instead we mix it up to keep it fun and interesting using rowers, assault bikes, ropes, hurdles, cones and the environment around us. The focus of this session is to increase your speed and help you to move faster using partner exercises combining shuttle drills, footwork drills and sprints.

Thursday: Endurance

Pump up the intensity!

It hottens up on a Thursday! Here we take elements of the previous days but working on power, cardio and strength endurance using high-intensity interval training. The aim here is to keep the heart rate up so performing higher repetitions with lighter weights or just bodyweight combined with little or no rest in between sets. Think 20 minute AMRAPs with burpees, wall balls and 250m row, or 20 minute EMOM combining kettle bell swings with back squats. And one of our favourites, Race the clock! 15 minutes to complete a 400m run, 20 wall balls, 30 burpees, 40 box jumps and finish on a 400m run.  



Friday: Surf & Turf

TFIF and what better way to celebrate than with an hour of playing in the sea and on the beach. Not quite a paddle or building sandcastles but just as fun we promise. Enjoy an open water swim combined with strength training on the beach. Think burpees, air squats, tyre flips and sled dragging then a sprint to the ocean and 50m sprint swim for 4 rounds. For the more competent swimmers, try “The Beach”: for time, 200m swim, 50 kettlebell thrusters, 30 burpees, 450m swim, 30 burpees, 50 kettlebell thrusters then finish on a 200m swim. You’ll be thankful for the cool water! Scaling available for the less confident in the water or non-swimmers.

Saturday: Circuits

On Saturday we combine all the elements from the classes earlier in the week, Power, Strength, Speed and Endurance into some fun, varied partner circuits. The most fun you’ll have with your clothes on! (Please keep your clothes on…)

Sunday: Survival

Sunday is a day of rest..and rest you shall after an hour of survival training! The group will get split into two and you are competing against each other for the top spot. This is all about team work and working together to get the highest score against the other team or crossing the finishing line first. Share the load, yell encouragement, switch in and out…whatever you need to do to win. Warm up will be a combination of games, movement and soft cardio to get the heart-rate up after a potential boozy Saturday night. Fitness tasks will be varied and based on time or targets. Expect carrying, throwing, dragging, climbing, crawling and potential egg and spoon race! Lots of sweats and giggles guaranteed.


Book your class today! Every day at 5pm. Stay after to enjoy the sunset and a protein shake at The BNKR Cafe.