Meal Plans Designed For You

Staying in shape and looking after your nutrition whilst on holiday just got a lot easier. The BNKR Meal Plans are all about clean eating, designed for optimal nutrition based on your personal goals and dietary requirements.

Whether looking to lose weight, gain muscle or just eat more clean, we can customise a meal plan just for you.
Fresh, Local & Seasonal - Organic where possible - No Refined Sugar
Vegan / Vegetarian / Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free / Keto / options available.

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Fat Loss

This is the ultimate meal plan for those looking to shed some pounds but in a healthy and sustainable way. We focus on foods to maximise fat burning, so high protein and fibre intakes helping you feel fuller for longer. This is not a quick fix and instead requires long term commitment for best results.


Muscle Gain

Let The BNKR help feed the beast! This is all about complimenting your workout to build muscle mass and speed up your recovery time. Using measured amounts of complex carbs, proteins, fats and vitamins, customised to you personally, we will ensure the beast stays well fed.



For those looking to eat more clean and develop a healthier lifestyle, this meal plan focuses on a well balanced diet of complex carbs, protein, fat, fibre and vitamins to help stabilise weight, fuel your workouts and provide the right amount of energy to make you feel rejuvenated and recharged.